By volunteering for the Special Egg Event, you make it possible for children with special needs and their families to enjoy a magical day. Your sacrifice of time and effort, no matter what role, is vital to this event. Without volunteers like you, the Special Egg Event would not be possible.

Volunteer Area Descriptions

Click on the Volunteer area title to read about the arrival time and work description. Please note all volunteers must be registered. And all youth volunteers (12 or younger) must be registered and accompanied by an adult.

Set-up Crew
Meet at Journey Church at 12:00 PM. The set-up crew will load and unload the truck, move and ready all of the pieces needed for the event. There are jobs for all strengths. With only 2.5 hours to get everything ready to go, we need lots of people to help with set-up.
Be at the venue at 2:30 PM. The Registration team is responsible for getting all of our excited egg hunters into the event. A positive, friendly personality is required to greet and check-in the participants. You'll hand out t- shirts and collect information from walk-ins.
Be the keeper of the cones! Help families navigate to the correct designated parking areas and be one of the first impressions of the Special Egg Event! Meet at the event venue at 2:30PM. Dress appropriately for weather outdoors.
Be at the event venue at 2:30 PM. Floaters need to be flexible and willing to help in any area, from parking to an egg hunt. Or helping serve food or hauling a garbage bag. You'll be the extra manpower to get tasks done and answer questions as you float throughout the event.
Beeping Egg Hunt
Be at the event venue at 2:30 PM. You'll be responsible for turning on and setting out the beeping eggs. These eggs need to be turned on only moments before the hunt so they don't distract the vision impaired egg hunters. Some hunters might need help, others need wide berth, so your judgment will help you during the event.
Quiet Egg Hunt
Be at the event venue at 2:30 PM. Volunteers for this egg hunt will help setup the eggs and get the egg hunters ready and in the right area. The quiet egg hunt will be further away from the other activities, and distractions.
Magnetic Egg Hunt
Be at the event venue at 2:30 PM. Volunteers will set out the magnetic eggs, and help run the hunt. We'll also need people to hand out the magnetic poles and swap the magnetic eggs for prize filled eggs.
Be at the event venue at 2:30 PM. At the Special Egg Event there are lots of activities for the children and families to do before or after their egg hunt. We need lots of friendly people to run the various activities. You might help color, build a craft, do a ring toss, or guide a mascot around for photos.
First Aid Station
Be at the event venue at 2:30 PM. Are you an experienced nurse or care provider? Have you helped with children who have special needs? We need a couple people with the right skills to help ensure that we have a safe environment.
General Egg Hunt and Clean Up
Join our biggest hunt at Special Egg Event! Help distribute eggs and keep kids within the designated hunt area. Following the last hunt, assist with packing trucks and cleaning up the event. Volunteers for this shift will need to be available until 6:15 p.m. and can arrive at 3:30PM.

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